The Challenges of Seeking Refuge in the UK: Understanding the Past and Present

The United Kingdom has a long and complex history of providing refuge to those in need. From the Huguenots in the 17th century to the Syrian refugees in the 21st century, the UK has offered a home to countless individuals seeking refuge from war, persecution, and other forms of violence. However, the process of seekingContinue reading “The Challenges of Seeking Refuge in the UK: Understanding the Past and Present”

New Poems – The Larkdown Suite

From Professor Kevin Mills. Click on the link below for a reading of the poems together with the text of the collection. Our Director, researcher and poet, Kevin has written a new sequence of poems based on traditional songs. In the past, events such as outbreaks of the plague, disasters and social crises were memorialisedContinue reading “New Poems – The Larkdown Suite”

The Price of Change

The team is busy during lockdown on a new work based on telling the story of Dr Richard Price the philosopher, theologian, political thinker, revolutionary, preacher and mathematician from Llangeinor in the Garw Valley near Bridgend in South Wales. The team has engaged in research, collected oral histories from the Garw valley residents and begunContinue reading “The Price of Change”